I have decided to start a page dedicated to collaborations I have been involved with and share the music. Hope you enjoy.


Just back from a week in Ireland (Sept 2016) piecing together a new band – the Atlantic Arc Orchestra, featuring musicians & singers from Ireland, North and South, Scotland, Wales, Brittany & Galicia.

An honour to have been asked to take part and get to make music with Donal Lunny, Jarlath Henderson, Padraig Rynne, Pauline Scanlon, Aidan O’Rourke and one of my favourite bass players, Ewen Vernal. The whole project went really well and the next gig will be in Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow early next year with hopefully more to follow after that.


Pleased to say the four of us made an EP which has come out in 2016. With writing, recording and editing all done within a week, with some of us having never met each other before, it was a real accomplishment. Created in a house near Huntly in the highlands of Scotland, the music is inspired by the landscape of The Cabrach but, more importantly, the  people of the area over generations. Please listen here :


Rozi Plain, member of This Is The Kit, released a cracking album of her own in 2015 – Friend. In 2016, she thought it would be cool to release a follow up album, Friend of a Friend, which sees the tracks of 2015 performed live and reworked/remixed a year later by a host of talent such as Boxed In, Joshua James, Aidan O’Rourke and many more.

Aidan thought of me for the track “Rearrange” and we set about doing our take on it…


Aidan collaborated with artists Dalziel & Scullion to produce a soundtrack to a short film entitled Tumadh, featuring the wildlife of Outer Hebridean archipelago St Kilda. This film has “lived” in various art galleries over the country since. I contributed drums and percussive ideas and here is the track :

On New Years Day 2015, we had the opportunity to play this live in Edinburgh’s beautiful Old St Pauls Church – dark, candle-lit with stain-glassed windows shining in, a surround sound mix of us and the films projected beautifully above us. We played 8 half-hour sets throughout the day and each time was completely different – a real highlight for me as it shows live music does count! The film makers loved seeing their film interpreted slightly differently musically each time making them see new meanings to the images. Loved this!

This track is available on Aidan’s EP – Music for Exhibition and Film.


Excited to be involved with the debut album from Tom Challenger’s Brass Mask. Influenced by the music of the Mardi Gras Indians and street bands of New Orleans and featuring a whole host of London’s finest jazz talent.


Really happy about the completion of this album with Fini and the guys. Matt Calvert and I contributed arrangement ideas and together we set about re-imagining the music of Porgy & Bess. Have a listen here :