I have a studio in Brockley, South East London, fully equipped to record great sounding drum tracks with a huge selection of new and vintage drums and percussion… all miked up and ready to record in an instant.

With my experience in sessions (both online and regular), I can provide a very easy, quick and cost effective way of getting a great drum track specifically tailored to your project so that you don’t have to either go into a big studio or use the same loops and plug-ins as everybody else. Lets get creative!!

Listen to recordings made at my studio in the “SOUNDS” page of this website.


Coles 4038 x2

AKG D19C (“Ringo overhead”)

Shure SM57, SM58 (many)


AKG D112

AKG 451B

Sennheiser E604 x2

various others


API 3124 4 channel pre-amps

Focusrite ISA428 4 channel pre-amps

MOTU 828 mkII

Yamaha NS10 monitors

various others

There is also bunch of amps (Fender Champ, Orange…), a double bass, Fender Rhodes, SH101, Vermona DRM1 drum machine, an upright piano for use if needed.


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2 thoughts on “STUDIO

  1. Hi I live in Nunhead and have a simmons sdsv pads set in a fly case – no brain – interested? ( I am a friend of Howard’s)


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