Gretsch Broadkaster 22×14, 12×8, 13×9, 14×14, 16×16

1970’s Ludwig “Blue/Olive” 22,13,16

1948 Leedy 22,13,16 (w/calf heads)

1967 Camco Oaklawn 20,12,14

1980’s Premier Concert Toms 10,12,13,14

various other new drums – Yamaha, DW, etc


14×6.5 Gretsch Broadkaster

14×6.5 Gretsch COB

14×5 Gretsch COB

14×6.5 Gretsch Hammered COB

14×6.5 Gretsch Bell Brass

14×6.5 Gretsch Aluminium

14×6.5 Gretsch 1930’s round badge

14×6.5 Ludwig Black Beauty

14×6.5 Ludwig Hand-Hammered Bronze

14×6.5 Ludwig 402

14×5 Ludwig 400

14×5 Ludwig Acrolite

14×5 Camco Oaklawn

14×6.5 Craviotto maple

14×4 Gary Noonan walnut piccolo

10×8 DW snare

10×6 Gresch Ash snare


I proudly play Istanbul Agop cymbals and have many of them – all shapes and sizes.


Gon Bops congas

LP bongos

Huge collection of handheld percussion noises

Frame drums, darbouka, orchestral bass drum, chimes, the list is endless!!


Roland SPDS-X and SPDS

Roland triggers and kick pedal

Ableton Live


I endorse the following products.






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