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I had the great pleasure of spending a week in March in the highlands of Scotland recording an EP with Aidan O’Rourke. The other two musicians involved were Tom Rogerson of Three Trapped Tigers fame, an old friend of mine, and a new friend now, Anna Meredith.

In short, it was a complete joy to spend time and make music with these utterly brilliant people. I am extremely excited about this record coming out as it really is a genre bending collaboration. Thanks to Deveron Arts in Huntly for commissioning us and letting us do our thing. It was wonderful to meet some of the locals up there (and eat their wonderful cakes) and spend time in the beautiful countryside.

Hopefully the music will find its way into The Cabrach, an area of land up there. The idea is to have a listening post in the middle of nowhere that people can find through following a trail and then scanning a QR code to take a listen. Exciting. It should also be made available digitally and on CD.


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