Most of this month was taking up playing with Paolo and the lads. A show in Switzerland (Zermatt Unplugged festival) followed by a South American tour, taking in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Not shit!

Zermatt Unplugged is a truly wonderful festival and to be up in the fresh mountain air was sublime. A great show and to be joined by a top string quartet was magical, as was hanging with friends in the Ronnie Scotts Quintet who were also playing.

The tour was incredible – we ate our bodyweight in steak and tacos and enjoyed all the local beverages – Pisco sours, Caipirinhas and all the others 😉 Also saw some tango, Mexican wrestling, spectacular views, Samba and plenty more… Gigs were all knockout as the fans have been waiting 10 years to hear the man in person. Electric atmosphere!



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